The 21st century population lives by a notion of ‘if it doesn't function as it should bin it’. This way of life doesn't do much for humanity as people then begin to apply such viewpoints improperly. Marriages end up in divorce because either partner feels as the other has a flaw that can never be corrected. On a less, emotional basis if someone doesn’t like the streaming app they use they can quickly go onto their app store and download another. This ditch and dive mentality has given rise to capitalism and to animal cruelty in the horse racing world. This horse is interbred and born only for the sole purpose of being ridden and raced for the entertainment of others and the increasing of money for some. Horse racing is a dark sport that many are not aware of. When the perfect breed of horse is born you would expect that they are given a time to develop into strong fully

horses at least. This is certainly not the case. Many thoroughbred horses start racing when they are way too young. These animals start racin when they’re still babies. Imagine the stress and pressure on their underdeveloped bones as they are pounded and stressed with the high stakes on track. Not many know that these horses perish horribly on the racetrack very often. The deaths of the horses are usually a traumatic gruesome mess of tangled limbs, fractured bones and broken spines. Some race courses are even known for the level of danger associated with them. Aintree is a famous racecourse in Liverpool but is also known as one of the deadliest horse racing courses in the world. The infamous Becher’s Brook is known by experts and amateurs alike to be the world’s most dangerous jump and even though numerous fatalities have occurred because of the jump, authorities continue to refuse its removal. If the horses do not die…

In the world of competition and there will always be someone who will be crowned the best by the masses. This

fact is the same for horse racing. Some races are infamous for causing hairs to stand and goosebumps to raise. (more…)

Horse racing is a much-loved Ancient sport enjoyed by the rich and higher societies of the 21st century.  The unparalleled sport has Central Asian origins serving specifically from the nomads of that time

who had managed to domesticate horses. Humans have always liked showing off that they are better than others and so with the combined domestication of horses came the sport of horse racing. (more…)