Horse races are some of the oldest sports competitions in history. The earliest records come from Ancient Egypt where the greatest jockeys back then would race each other for fame and money. The trend later reached the whole European continent and soon the horse jockeys were considered local and national super starts. The history of this sport continues even nowadays, and the greatest jockeys are definitely recognized. It takes a lot of hard work

and practice to reach that skill level and you have to take into consideration that it is not only about you. A good jockey has a good relationship with the horse, and an excellent one is almost the same person with the four-legged partner. There were many great jockeys throughout the history. We have listed some of the world greatest ones in order to show you a bit more about this amazing world. (more…)

The horse racing track brings excitement, thrill and a perilous danger ignored by many. right from start to finish horse racing is dangerous. The horses are often given drugs to make the not feel pain and to run faster. These factors are not only bad for the horse but also for the jockey. If the horse cannot take it any longer it can buckle under the pressure and die on the spot or even in the middle of a race. For one,

a horse collapsing after running at high speeds will cause the jockey to be violently thrown off the horse hitting the hard ground with a thump. to make things more dangerous the other focused riders whipping their horses to higher speeds will struggle to stop their horses if the jockey is in the middle of the grounds. This poses the threat of death by trampling or serious blows to the head that can result in brain injury or even comatose. (more…)

Human beings love control but not to be controlled. They like exerting their knowledge and power over beings who they believe to be on a lower pedestal to themselves. Humans like showing off that they have power, intimidating with power and remaining on the top of the ladder with that same power. The saying that goes ‘money is power is no joke’. In this day and day once you have money you have the upper hand. You are the one who has the most control in the situation. In the beginning money was not really a thing. Money didn't exist. Your assets were in your expansive farms. Famers where the Don Corleone’s of that time. Anyone with a big farm was a king pin. There would have come a time were a frustrated farmer may have been pushed down on the ladder just because he didn't have the most farmers. This adversity may have pushed them to find a new animal

to amaze the masses with resulting in the domestication of the horse. This is a great hypothesis only because we all know what human beings are like. The domestication of the horse dates back thousands of years ago to around 6000-5500 BC. In depth research has highlighted that horses were first domesticated by the Botai People of Kazakhstan. The Botai people lived on large settlements that usually yielded many crops mainly for their livelihoods sake. The Botai people may or may have not kept horses for social dominance but thing for sure is that the analysis of the teeth of horses from that time highlights that their teeth were worn out. This suggests that the horses that the domesticated horses were kept for milk and a source of meat. These horses interbred with local wild horses and spread across Europe and Asia. The horses were then traded between varies populations of people of differing cultures as they were moved…