Breeds of racing horses

Many horse racing viewers and the ones who bet on them, do not particularly know the exact breeds they are putting their money on. It is normal that a greater part of all is not familiar and perceive less information about the depth of horse racing. For all that, down below we have provided a list of 4 most popular types of horses to compete with or bet on.


In the world’s biggest racing venues only one breed is fit and that is Thoroughbred horses. If you want to meet people who are fancy dressed and ready to bet thousands, you must come to this breed’s charming and vogue races. It brings out the highest number of attendances than any other.

Some cannot see a difference from an actual purebred and Thoroughbred type of horse, even though as pure-blooded one is bred from 2 horses of the identical breed, while Thoroughbred is held as an extensive breed that came from England’s whereabouts in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

This sort of horse can be 64 inches tall and it is described as a majestic one with its slim body, long collar and equally long legs, much as it is held as a fearless hero and brave enough to get tasks done even with appeared hazard along the way. 

They are evaluated for their financial worth regarding their age, performances and pedigree. After they get older and are not compatible with the racing part of their career, they are usually sold for breeding desire. Their money rate then is calculated by the wins and losses.


Going almost four-thousand years back to the past, Arabians were used for war and fights around the Arabian region. Growing up in the hot deserts, they got used to the scorching climate and people made use of them by invading opponents’ campgrounds. They are somewhat related to Thoroughbreds because of the Arabians trades made back in the day for the purpose of breeding different types of horses. Arabians have a few traits that cause them to be staggering from others. The snout is typically short, nose and eyes are hefty, and the head is widely shaped and chunky.


The breed came to be known from North America when people used horses in races with harness and till now, it is yet acknowledged that they are the best for this kind of racing. These Standardbreds are fit and have a long body, and are people-friendly, that is why many choose to buy them and train due to the ease. 

Standardbreds are divided into 2 types: pacers & trotters. Pacers are a bit faster than trotters and pacer’s forelegs move simultaneously with the rear legs on the same position, however, trotter is moving his legs in diagonal pairs. 

American Quarter Horses

The horses are generally multipurpose, and they can be used for many occasions, such as races, shows and rodeo. In the USA, the American Quarter horses are kept as family horses in ranches. They are known for making the short ranges fast. Its speed can reach up to 54 mph! 

They have a small head, athletic body and in overall, they are powerful. Its whole body can be as tall as 64 inches and be found in many natural colors (black, white, brown). The registry of American Quarter horses is the largest in the world – keeping almost five million horses recorded.