A day at the races can be one of the most pleasurable days out that you can have, books have been written about it, albums have been made about it, and

Hollywood films have graced the silver screen about it. And it is true, a day at the races is one of the best sporting days out that you can undertake. (more…)

The Magnificent Red Rum

The Magnificent Red Rum

The Grand National is one of the finest steeplechases in the world, held at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool it has attracted the attention of the world

for its grueling course and immense fences. Everybody has heard of the Grand National, from avid racing fans to grandmothers and everybody in between. (more…)

Nowadays in horse racing, the competition is rising, and more races are being held by the organizers and it is not

just for nothing – the prize fund is getting bigger and the amount of money devoted for races are growing. (more…)

Many horse racing viewers and the ones who bet on them, do not particularly know the exact breeds they are putting their money on. It is normal that a greater part of all is not familiar and perceive less information about the depth of horse racing. For all that, down below we have provided a list of 4 most popular types of horses to compete with or bet on. Thoroughbreds In the world’s biggest racing venues only one breed is fit and that is Thoroughbred horses. If you want to meet people who are fancy dressed and ready to bet thousands, you must come to this breed’s charming and vogue races. It brings out the highest number of attendances than any other. Some cannot see a difference from an actual purebred and Thoroughbred type of horse, even though as pure-blooded one is bred from 2 horses of the identical breed, while Thoroughbred is held as an extensive breed that came from

England’s whereabouts in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This sort of horse can be 64 inches tall and it is described as a majestic one with its slim body, long collar and equally long legs, much as it is held as a fearless hero and brave enough to get tasks done even with appeared hazard along the way.  They are evaluated for their financial worth regarding their age, performances and pedigree. After they get older and are not compatible with the racing part of their career, they are usually sold for breeding desire. Their money rate then is calculated by the wins and losses. Arabians Going almost four-thousand years back to the past, Arabians were used for war and fights around the Arabian region. Growing up in the hot deserts, they got used to the scorching climate and people made use of them by invading opponents’ campgrounds. They are somewhat related to Thoroughbreds because of the Arabians trades made back…

The horse race history often concentrates on both the jockey and the horse. This unbreakable pair is vital for a good performance and this is why ever since the beginning of the professional horse races the attention was spread. Many famous jockeys declared that without the horse they had their talent would be futile. There are countless museums all over the world that praise the talent o these amazing

horses that made history. One of the most famous race horses is Seabiscuit, a legend from the 40’s. He managed to be in the center of attention for years in a row even though no one expected much of him in the beginning. There are even some award-winning movies that were made about his life and many people wonder what the true story behind this amazing horse was. (more…)

Horse races are some of the oldest sports competitions in history. The earliest records come from Ancient Egypt where the greatest jockeys back then would race each other for fame and money. The trend later reached the whole European continent and soon the horse jockeys were considered local and national super starts. The history of this sport continues even nowadays, and the greatest jockeys are definitely recognized. It takes a lot of hard work

and practice to reach that skill level and you have to take into consideration that it is not only about you. A good jockey has a good relationship with the horse, and an excellent one is almost the same person with the four-legged partner. There were many great jockeys throughout the history. We have listed some of the world greatest ones in order to show you a bit more about this amazing world. (more…)

The horse racing track brings excitement, thrill and a perilous danger ignored by many. right from start to finish horse racing is dangerous. The horses are often given drugs to make the not feel pain and to run faster. These factors are not only bad for the horse but also for the jockey. If the horse cannot take it any longer it can buckle under the pressure and die on the spot or even in the middle of a race. For one,

a horse collapsing after running at high speeds will cause the jockey to be violently thrown off the horse hitting the hard ground with a thump. to make things more dangerous the other focused riders whipping their horses to higher speeds will struggle to stop their horses if the jockey is in the middle of the grounds. This poses the threat of death by trampling or serious blows to the head that can result in brain injury or even comatose. (more…)

Human beings love control but not to be controlled. They like exerting their knowledge and power over beings who they believe to be on a lower pedestal to themselves. Humans like showing off that they have power, intimidating with power and remaining on the top of the ladder with that same power. The saying that goes ‘money is power is no joke’. In this day and day once you have money you have the upper hand. You are the one who has the most control in the situation. In the beginning money was not really a thing. Money didn't exist. Your assets were in your expansive farms. Famers where the Don Corleone’s of that time. Anyone with a big farm was a king pin. There would have come a time were a frustrated farmer may have been pushed down on the ladder just because he didn't have the most farmers. This adversity may have pushed them to find a new animal

to amaze the masses with resulting in the domestication of the horse. This is a great hypothesis only because we all know what human beings are like. The domestication of the horse dates back thousands of years ago to around 6000-5500 BC. In depth research has highlighted that horses were first domesticated by the Botai People of Kazakhstan. The Botai people lived on large settlements that usually yielded many crops mainly for their livelihoods sake. The Botai people may or may have not kept horses for social dominance but thing for sure is that the analysis of the teeth of horses from that time highlights that their teeth were worn out. This suggests that the horses that the domesticated horses were kept for milk and a source of meat. These horses interbred with local wild horses and spread across Europe and Asia. The horses were then traded between varies populations of people of differing cultures as they were moved…

The races are globally known fashion bonanza. It has always been about who is best dressed between the ladies but know it seems as if it is an integral aspect of the races and that without the high fashion the races seize to exist. Expensive and couture fashion houses are put to work (hard work) to create custom dresses for race attenders so that no two people will have the same dress. Milliners will create costly extravagant and sometimes silly hats that are synonymous with lady’s fashion at the races. It is truly a fashion show among the aroma of horse manure and sweaty horse betters. There are some races that attract more attraction than others for their fashion and they have specific ‘ladies days’ set out.  This is a day where the ladies put on their best dresses, hats, high heels and get their hair professionally done in a bid to be crowned the best dressed as well as take

in the racing. On ladies’ day the women usually enter the often-expensive races free of charge. Ladies’ Day at the races is still a major event for almost every racecourse globally. From Dubai to London, Ladies Day is the most highly marketed event of the year for a racecourse. Ladies day will typically combine the biggest and fiercest horse races on the calendar with the chance to get dressed up and to win the of ‘best dressed lady’ just for looking good. Many racecourses offer huge luxurious prizes for the winner and for the runners up as not everyone is a winner. Ladies’ Day can seem very intimidating for outsiders. Many beautifully-dressed women in expensive designer dresses accompanied by their male counterparts donning three-piece suits. Some Ladies Days will be more well-known than others. As you can guess the well-known race days will have very a fierce competition between newbies and veteran fashion lovers alike. The Grand National Ladies’…

Betting has been a ‘pastime’ for the rich ever since the Victorian Ages in Britain when the first pub came to be. The wealthy would bet on which dog to kill the most rats in the shortest amount of time in a sport called ‘ratting’. It was a very gruesome and violent game that encouraged animal cruelty but with little rules and regulations being put in place in that time it was not a bother to anybody. Betting can quickly become addictive. The thrill of ‘almost’ winning each time is what pushes the individual do keep wanting to bet more and more. If you are considering starting to bet on horse races, then you may be concerned about how much more dangerous it is than any other types of betting.  There is always a risk as with all types but the risk of becoming addicted is much higher with horse racing because you will believe that a specific horse has

all the power in the world because it has won once. Horses do not get affected by emotions and so they are likened to machines that can keep going on and on. In comparison to a footballer if his girlfriend leaves him he is more susceptible to feeling pain and gloom thus performing less on the field. Betting on horse races is not much different to any other type of betting with regards to addiction. It is just as easy to start to enjoy the thrill of the risk and winning as it is with any other type of gambling and so there is no added danger. Getting carried away can be a risk with all types of gambling. The risk of spending more money more so present with horse betting due to the caliber of the sport. Horse betting is a past time known for the upper-class society who have money to spend and money to lose. They never…