The Famous Seabiscuit

The horse race history often concentrates on both the jockey and the horse. This unbreakable pair is vital for a good performance and this is why ever since the beginning of the professional horse races the attention was spread. Many famous jockeys declared that without the horse they had their talent would be futile. There are countless museums all over the world that praise the talent o these amazing horses that made history. One of the most famous race horses is Seabiscuit, a legend from the 40’s. He managed to be in the center of attention for years in a row even though no one expected much of him in the beginning. There are even some award-winning movies that were made about his life and many people wonder what the true story behind this amazing horse was.

Early Life

Seabiscuit was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1933. His parents were Swing On and Hard Tuck. He was rather small and many believed that he would not have the success of his grandfather, Man O’ War. He was not very impressive in his early years. He had his debut when he was two years old and he didn’t have great results. He only managed to win a few races of the 40 in that season and the attention of the stables soon left him. For a while he was the cause of the jokes in his stable because he was considered lazy and untalented. But his story will soon change.


A Star is Created

He was assigned a new trainer, Tom Smith. He had rather unusual training methods and he declared that he immediately saw the potential in Seabiscuit. Even though the horse was rather small, the trainer believed in him and started a very intense training program for him. This is the moment when his luck would change. He was assigned a Canadian Jockey that was quite light, and soon after the brilliant Seabiscuit started to win race after race. He was a very good horse that had a very interesting and phlegmatic racing style. The major attention was given when he was already four years old and raced the three-year-old super star War Admiral. The two horses were the favorites at that time. The first race between the two of them had to be canceled because of weather conditions. In the second championship, Seabiscuit won based on the money earned and overall performance. The third race was between the two of them and it would be decisive. The odds were in favor of War Admiral that was younger and more agile but Seabiscuit managed to win the race and to enter the history of race horses.


Tom Smith

Later in his life he managed to win many other championships even though he had a leg injury. He retired in 1940 at a race horse ranch in California where he was the father to more than 100 horses, two of them having success in races. He died in 1947, a few days before turning 14.