World’s richest horse racing events

Nowadays in horse racing, the competition is rising, and more races are being held by the organizers and it is not just for nothing – the prize fund is getting bigger and the amount of money devoted for races are growing.

The prize pot can be eye-popping! Last years, at the Pegasus World Cup, the prize money reached an enormous stake. It was nearly $16 million! Horse racing as a sport is climbing up due to the advertisements and money brought in from betting. Let’s review the richest horse racing competitions.

Pegasus World Cup

The Pegasus World Cup was nominated as the richest horse racing competition in the world and has become a world-known event. The main race which is 1.125 miles long is held at Gulfstream Park in Florida and is only available for racers with experience over 4 years in total or more. Every year the prize funds were increasing, and it has not yet stopped. During the latest race event, the prize was increased by $12 million. This kind of money comes up from summing twelve participants entry fees and extra funds come from the organizers’ staff. Racers who train professionally and can afford to pay $1 million as a participation fee, are competing amongst other professionals for millions of dollars.  The next race’s prize pot will be divided into two amounts and the two winners of Grade 1 races will collect their prize. The funds will be around $9 million, and the organizers will decide on who will get which amount. No matter what, the winner will not go out with less than $3 million. Entry will cost half a million and if the participant will manage to win both races, he will receive an extra $1 million to his prize.

Dubai World Cup

Because of the new prize system in Pegasus World Cup, Dubai’s event reclaimed its status as the richest horse racing competitions in the whole planet. The race is always in the United Arab Emirates, one of the fanciest and luxurious places in the world. The race has been organized since 1996 and it never disappointed the spectators and participants. The next winner of the race will receive an amazing amount of money – $7 million straight into his pocket. Also, ten furlongs race invites racers from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere who has three years or above experience in racing.

Dubai World Cup
Dubai World Cup

The Everest

The competition is hosted in Australia and is held as the richest horse racing event on turf. Everyone is invited to Sydney to watch a spectacular show where the world’s top racing horses are brought to compete against each other. The race is 0.75 miles in total distance. Despite the race being organized only for two years now, it has already beaten the Melbourne Cup for the status of world’s richest horse race. In addition, there has been only one winner since its start. Redzel managed to win two straight titles. As per usual, there are twelve spots in the competition and to get the spot, you have to pay an entry of more than half a million. The prize pot is always rising, now it currently stands at $14 million.