Horses Can Trust And Obey

Horses Can Trust And Obey

Many horse owners know from their own experience has now been confirmed by the results of a new study. The animals differentiate humans between their genders as a result some horses do not like men. That is what researchers in Australia found out. The elegant animals differentiate between the human genders. In doing so, they trust women and obey men. So there are real female horses who have problems dealing with men. The extensive study analysed the data related with 1,500 horses, which came from 33 different countries worldwide. The researchers recorded data from the animals and also their owners and keepers. All participants had to answer a total of 300 questions. The aim of the investigation was not apparent from the questions. Little did the study participants know that the scientists were targeting the horses' gender-specific behaviour. Mares are not problematic The study was the second one. Last year, it concluded that there are only insignificant gender-specific differences

between mares and geldings when riding. The result saved the reputation of the mares, who, unlike their male counterparts, are considered problematic. But when it comes to dealing with people, things look different. Horses make a clear distinction between the genders. That is what Kate Fenner's team found out after evaluating the data. Men Put Off Animals, which are mainly ridden and cared for by men, often cause problems when taken from the paddock. They are more difficult to make simple and show themselves unruly. That suggests that they are less enthusiastic about riding and the subsequent care. Men seem to deter horses. According to the scientists, this could be because they have repeatedly had bad experiences with men in their lives. Hence the reservations. Another reason could be the dominant appearance of men. Horses prefer a submissive position and avoided eye contact. An expressive gait and the restraint of the horse could frighten them and trigger defensive behaviour. However, it…

Horse Races

Horse Races

The American TV broadcaster HBO has revolutionized television with its spectacular series that are popular all around the world. They have started with classics such as The Sopranos or The Wire and now they are still working to reach perfection. While everyone knows Sex and the City or Game of Thrones today, one TV show made in 2011 is less known. The TV Show Luck tells about the world of horse racing like no other show has ever done. An exceptional director, a great cast, and the captivating implementation of the demanding script make “Luck” worth seeing even today. A Promising Team The basic requirements for the beginning of “Luck” were high expectations. HBO had hired Michael Mann who is called one of the most innovative directors of the current history of cinema. He had created a revolutionary and very popular series “Miami Vice” in his early days. His films such as Heat, The Insider, and Collateral were all exceptional.

Together with David Milch, he was responsible for the implementation of this project. David Milch was known as the inventor of the series “Deadwood” and received a lot of respect for his finely honed and subtle dialogues. The actors that HBO wanted to hire for “Luck” were only the best ones also. Dustin Hoffmann played the former Ganster Chester "Ace" Bernstein, and Nick Nolte convinced as the horse whisperer Walter Smith. Other well-known faces such as Dennis Farina, John Ortiz, Kevin Dunn, Jason Gedrick, and Jill Hennessy also appeared on the screen. Pictures You Will Never Forget The central location of “Luck” is California. The series not only offers a snappy and realistic look behind the scenes but also convinces with breathtaking racing scenes. As always, director Michael Mann attaches great importance to atmosphere, music, and attitudes. He manages to immerse himself masterfully in the world of jockeys, owners, and players. Here their paths are crossing in the world of…

Humanity and horses have long had such a special relationship, that it is no wonder they are a favourite topic of all kinds of art – from the earliest cave paintings, to Napoleonic era master canvasses and, in the modern day, movies. There’s more than a few to choose from though, with more than 30 on this list of British-based movies alone. That’s why we decided to saddle up and put on our research boots for a journey into Google, and our own childhood memories, to find the three most critically acclaimed and successful horse racing movies ever made. Sea Biscuit One of many movies about the true story of this legendary American horse that was a Depression-era champion, the 2001 film starred Toby Maguire and Jeff Bridges. The script was adapted from the best-selling book Seabiscuit: An American Legend, and the film showed similar success as it was eventually nominated for no less than seven Academy Awards on

the year of its release. In the movie, Toby Maguire plays real-life Sea Biscuit jockey Red Pollard, who spent his whole racing career blind in one eye after a racing accident at the age of 16. A half blind man and a temperamental and overlooked horse, Red and Sea Biscuit conquer the American racing landscape – culminating in a thrilling showdown with the nation’s most medalled horse, War Admiral. Hidalgo Despite not actually being about modern horse racing, this period drama is nonetheless a fantastic tribute not only to the speed and determination of horses, but also the unique bond they can share with their riders. The movie follows the story of Viggo Mortensen as famous cowboy John Hopkins, racing his long-distance running horse, Hidalgo, in a 3000-mile race across the Saudi Arabian desert – dramatically known as the ‘Ocean of Fire’. Although it is based upon the real-life historical writings of John Hopkins’, the story upon which this film’s plot…

The world of horse racing is full of miraculous stories, legendary winners and incredible battles for the first-place finishes that will put any horse and jockey in the history books. Iconic horses like Red Rum, Frankel, Secretariat and other have rightly taken their places in horse racing legend – but what about the near men, unlucky riders and unfortunate beasts that didn’t quite make the cut? From solo winners to bone crunching disasters and ridiculous loss-streaks, these are four of the craziest stories ever to come out of the horse racing scene. Foinavon at the 1967 Grand National One of Europe’s, and the world’s, most watched horse races, only twice in the 180-year history of this great race has only one horse crossed the finish line. Most interesting of these two cases was the 1967 event, which has since gone down in the books as possibly the most incident-packed race of all time. It was won by 100-1 outsider

Foinavon, a horse known for his jumping form and patchy race career until the point. Once owned by Princess Anne, Foinavon had already been through several owners by 1967 – and no-one gave him an outside chance of winning this most famous of races. However, the race would be anything but a run-of-the-mill event. Enter the 23rd fence on the second lap of the course with Foinavon cruising in last place, behind a tight pack that included race favourite Honey End and the unseated runner Popham Down. Just before the jump Popham Down panicked and veered across the track, causing a 28-horse pile up that knocked a dozen riders off their horses and even made some start running backwards. The only horse to avoid the ensuing melee? You guessed it: Foinavon. The 100-1 shot, ridden by replacement jockey John Buckingham, snuck past every other horse and over the fence, seeing off a spirited challenge from Honey End to win the race…

A day at the races can be one of the most pleasurable days out that you can have, books have been written about it, albums have been made about it, and

Hollywood films have graced the silver screen about it. And it is true, a day at the races is one of the best sporting days out that you can undertake. (more…)

The Grand National is one of the finest steeplechases in the world, held at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool it has attracted the attention of the world

for its grueling course and immense fences. Everybody has heard of the Grand National, from avid racing fans to grandmothers and everybody in between. (more…)

Nowadays in horse racing, the competition is rising, and more races are being held by the organizers and it is not

just for nothing – the prize fund is getting bigger and the amount of money devoted for races are growing. (more…)

Many horse racing viewers and the ones who bet on them, do not particularly know the exact breeds they are putting their money on. It is normal that a greater part of all is not familiar and perceive less information about the depth of horse racing. For all that, down below we have provided a list of 4 most popular types of horses to compete with or bet on. Thoroughbreds In the world’s biggest racing venues only one breed is fit and that is Thoroughbred horses. If you want to meet people who are fancy dressed and ready to bet thousands, you must come to this breed’s charming and vogue races. It brings out the highest number of attendances than any other. Some cannot see a difference from an actual purebred and Thoroughbred type of horse, even though as pure-blooded one is bred from 2 horses of the identical breed, while Thoroughbred is held as an extensive breed that came from

England’s whereabouts in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This sort of horse can be 64 inches tall and it is described as a majestic one with its slim body, long collar and equally long legs, much as it is held as a fearless hero and brave enough to get tasks done even with appeared hazard along the way.  They are evaluated for their financial worth regarding their age, performances and pedigree. After they get older and are not compatible with the racing part of their career, they are usually sold for breeding desire. Their money rate then is calculated by the wins and losses. Arabians Going almost four-thousand years back to the past, Arabians were used for war and fights around the Arabian region. Growing up in the hot deserts, they got used to the scorching climate and people made use of them by invading opponents’ campgrounds. They are somewhat related to Thoroughbreds because of the Arabians trades made back…

The horse race history often concentrates on both the jockey and the horse. This unbreakable pair is vital for a good performance and this is why ever since the beginning of the professional horse races the attention was spread. Many famous jockeys declared that without the horse they had their talent would be futile. There are countless museums all over the world that praise the talent o these amazing

horses that made history. One of the most famous race horses is Seabiscuit, a legend from the 40’s. He managed to be in the center of attention for years in a row even though no one expected much of him in the beginning. There are even some award-winning movies that were made about his life and many people wonder what the true story behind this amazing horse was. (more…)

Horse races are some of the oldest sports competitions in history. The earliest records come from Ancient Egypt where the greatest jockeys back then would race each other for fame and money. The trend later reached the whole European continent and soon the horse jockeys were considered local and national super starts. The history of this sport continues even nowadays, and the greatest jockeys are definitely recognized. It takes a lot of hard work

and practice to reach that skill level and you have to take into consideration that it is not only about you. A good jockey has a good relationship with the horse, and an excellent one is almost the same person with the four-legged partner. There were many great jockeys throughout the history. We have listed some of the world greatest ones in order to show you a bit more about this amazing world. (more…)